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Instant Miso Soup Paste WAKAME 8P MARUKOME (886518000462)
Name Instant Miso Soup Paste WAKAME 8P MARUKOME
Barcode 886518000462
Type Standard
Category Seasoning
subcategory Basic Seasoning
Price $4.50
Tax Rate
Tax Method Inclusive
Unit pc (pc)
Product Details

{About miso}

Miso is a traditional seasoning that has supported the Japanese diet for 1,300 years.

{About miso soup }

This miso soup is a very popular and also a traditional food among Japanese people for all generations. And the sales are increasing as the people in Cambodia know about the miso soup. It has many advantages including makes you healthy, good for your skincare, decrease the alcoholic when you’re drunk especially it’s good for pregnant woman.

In regards of MARUKOME INSTANT, we have 4 different flavors. We have instant miso soup with the flavor of Wakame seaweed, Green onion and Tofu. It is very easy and helpful for busy people. I suppose this product is going to be a part of Cambodian people’s life.


This is an instant raw miso soup prepared by mixing with Shinshu red miso based on bonito soup stock and the WAKAME.You can enjoy seaweed miso soup easily.The seaweed flavor is appetizing.